Saturday, January 1, 2022

 My Business Name: Tucker Topnotch Designs

Most people don't know the story behind my business name. Even though I have talked about how I started my business, I haven't talked about the name. Plus, it's not something I put a lot of thought into when trying to come up with something I liked.
My business name is Tucker Topnotch Designs. I chose that name because I wanted to use at least part of my name in my business name, and I wanted to remind myself what type of work I am doing. Yes, I'm crafting and creating, but if I take the time to demonstrate something or sell it, I want to do the best work I can. After each project, I ask myself if it is a top-notch design. If it is, you'll see it here on my blog and probably on my Facebook page at, and if I demonstrated it, it would be on my YouTube page

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