Thank you for stopping by to learn more about me, Theresa Tucker.

I am married, and I live in Saint Joseph, Illinois, USA

My husband's name is Michael. He is a retired Quality Control Engineer. He helps me with my business when he's not busy doing his own thing.

We have four children, three grandchildren and one on the way. I will put up some photos of our family soon. :-)

We have one fur baby. His name is Carter. He's an American Dingo and very loyal, as most dogs are. He thinks he's tougher than he is because he has a loud bark, but he' quickly everyone's friend after the introduction. 😊

Most recently I launched Tucker Topnotch Designs, and I’m excited to share my love of stamping and crafting with you. I hold monthly classes in my home for the advanced crafter and for the beginner. I’d love to show you how to create your own designs that people will be proud to display on their mantle or in their homes.

In 2006 I was invited to a Stampin' Up!® event at a friend's house. I went, and Kim Peck was the Demonstrator. I was so amazed at the cards she made! She talked about Stampin' Up! and how amazing it is, and how she became a demonstrator. I ordered a stamp set, 12 x 12 Designer series paper, and ink. At that time, Stampin' Up!® sold scrapbook kits that came with several different layout options and stickers. I didn't have much interest in making cards back then. I took a catalog home with me that day, and I went through it repeatedly, picking out merchandise and more scrapbook kits. I had a wish list a mile long. I quickly realized that I needed to join to get the 20 percent discount. I received over $125 worth of merchandise that I picked out for $99, and shipping was free! Stampin' Up!® offers the same great deal today. Honestly, the best deal you can get is signing up as a demonstrator. I stayed as a demonstrator to support my scrapbooking hobby for a long time, and I enjoyed the discount.
When I came back to Stampin' Up!® in 2019, I decided I would run it as a business, and that's what I'm doing now. I started adding classes, and then COVID-19 hit and changed everything. I quickly had to adjust to holding virtual events on Facebook Live. Today I hold in-home classes and Facebook Live.
Since starting with Stampin' Up!®, it has opened up so many opportunities. I am so grateful to Shelli Gardner - the Co-Founder of Stampin' Up!®, for all her hard work keeping this company going and growing. I love providing inspiration to others and supporting my team in their goals and dreams. As I grow and learn, I share my knowledge with many others to help them be successful in their business or hobby.
Here are some of my pages and groups you can connect to get the support you need as a customer, team member, or Demonstrator.

· Facebook Business Page
· My YouTube channel
· Instagram
· Twitter
· Pinterest
· Gmail


I've just gotten started growing my team. You can help me by joining and by sharing your love of stamping with your friends, holding an event in my home, yours, or online. It is much more than crafting, handmade gifts, and home décor. It is exciting and challenging, and I'm learning so much about building relationships and making new friends. I love sharing my love for stamping with my team.

What do I provide for our team?

· Monthly free craft classes
· Weekly email updates and videos
· Free monthly tutorial bundle
· An invite to our exclusive Facebook group

What's coming:

· Free Demonstrator and social media training
· Prizes and giveaways
· Team card swaps

Thanks again for finding out about me! Why not join in the fun that I have with my team - and JOIN NOW? You have so much to gain - if I can do this - so can you.

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