Monday, July 12, 2021


This is Carter. He's my loyal companion, and he lays on the floor in my studio when I conduct my Facebook Lives. 😊

He is so friendly but also protective. I used to volunteer with an organization called Mobile Mutts. I would meet a transporter at a location near the interstate headed to Wisconsin and pick up many dogs I could accommodate overnight at my home. They usually were crated except for a few walks. The following day at 6:00 AM, I would take them back to the location, and they would be on their way with a new carrier to continue their journey. Carter happened to be one of the rescues. I already had a black chow, but she was old and blind.  Carter came from a pound in South Carolina. Carter's name then was "Carrot." What a name! Here is a picture of him when I adopted him in January 2012.

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