Sunday, November 22, 2020


What's on your plate today?
Did you go to church? Chop firewood to prepare for a cold winter?
Here's how I hope you spend your day. Something like this-
Spend some time with the Creator. 
Spend time with your family.
 Watch a little football.
 Play with the kids.
Take a nap.
Today we are headed to our daughter's house for Thanksgiving. We have 2 sides to celebrate with (my side and his side). We have a nurse, a teacher, a Doctor, a truck driver, and a corrections officer in our family. it's hard to get everyone together for one day, so we split them up That way we can celebrate with everyone.
With this being a crazy year with COVID-19,  and cases on the rise, we aren't getting together with more than ten of us at a time.
If you're celebrating today, wear a mask and be safe.❤❤

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